3 Responses to Photos

  1. Mary Beth Seminario says:

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. They really capture Sara’s spirit and show the love flowing in your families.

  2. Marianna Caracciolo says:

    I was sadden to hear about the passing of Sara. Sara may you rest in peace you will always be in my prayers and my god watch over Cindy and the rest of your family.

  3. Jane Rundle says:

    Please know that I share your sorrow and that my prayer for all of you is that with each sunrise, your grief shall lessen and your joy increase. When I saw the video with the cat, Panda, I burst out laughing and said:”That’s Sara! The spirited rascal , who made others laugh and celebrated life with each breath.” Sara leaves a rich tapestry for her family to embrace and to carry forward. Your words are witness to Sara’s having woven so many messages of living a meaningful, spirited and spiritual life through all of your hearts- one common thread, at a distance but not broken…..Peace to you all and especially to you, Sara, who is now free to fly with the angels, like an angel.

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